About Us

Since 1979, Mom’s Wholesale Foods has been family owned and operated and continually strives for top quality products and customer service.

  • 1979: family owned and operated
  • 1994: started pepperoni roll production
  • 1998: obtained USDA inspection EST. 20252
  • 2008: opened semi-automated manufacturing plant
  • 2012-13: Made multiple investments to increase production and capacity
  • 2013: Moved in to a 5,000 square foot manufacturing facility
  • 2016: Scored a 97.2% on our annual third party food audit
  • Donates thousands of dollars annually worth of food to great local causes

How it all started…

Back in the 1930’s Agatha “Gatha” Lastoria made fresh Italian dough every single day. With the leftover dough she had she would take sticks of pepperoni and cheese and stuff them for all of her kids, grandkids, and neighborhood families. The kids would come from blocks away just to get a taste of one of Gatha’s delicious pepperoni rolls.

Her daughter Alice, who at a young age saw the effect Gatha’s food had on others, decided she wanted to learn the family secrets and start her own company. So in 1979 she opened up her first pizza shop. She had great success and, in a few short years, decided to open a second location in 1985. While in operation she began  perfecting her Mother’s delicious pepperoni roll recipe.

Alice’s daughter, Leslie, saw these amazing rolls as an opportunity. In 1992 she purchased one of her mother’s pizza shops and started following in the family business. By 1998 she went under USDA inspection and began baking pepperoni rolls daily. After much success Leslie had to expand into a new location three times the size of her pizza shop to keep up with demand. In 2013 this happened again as she had to move into a new location nearly four times the size. After years of hard work and determination, Leslie’s operation has expanded into 4 states and has become the name brand in the pepperoni roll industry.